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Driven by the philosophy of Innovation and Customer Centered Design, Narendra Gravure has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of specialized equipment for producing multi layer flexible laminates for the packaging industry.

Having 40+ years of experience, we are well equipped to take up the most challenging projects and deliver tailor made solutions that will suit your needs. With a 100% in-house manufacturing facility featuring state of the art VMC, CNC, grinding machines we are confident to provide unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction.

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Rotogravure Printing PressGravoPrint

Narendra Gravure features among the most advanced Rotogravure Printing Press with Mechanical Line Shaft Technology. Equipped with advanced SIEMENS electronic systems and having ergonomic mechanical designs, these machines are easy to use and boost productivity.

Customers can choose to have a high degree of modifications in our printing press to produce finished products in a single run. These machines are suitable for medium to long run lengths.

Learn more about GravoPrint - Rotogravure Printing Press from Narendra Gravure Pvt. Ltd

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Lamination MachinesGravoLam

Offering a wide range of Lamination Machines, Narendra Gravure has supplied 500+ lamination machines for FMCG, Pharma, and Healthcare industry. Equipped with advanced SIEMENS electronic systems and having ergonomic mechanical design, these machines are easy to use and boost productivity

Customers can choose among Dry Lamination, Wet Lamination, Solventless Lamination, and Hot Melt Lamination machines.

Learn More about GravoLam - Lamination Machines from Narendra Gravure Pvt. Ltd.

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Combi MachinesGravo2in1

As a push towards sustainable packaging for the food industry, Narendra Gravure invented Gravo2in1 - Wet Lamination and Coating machine. This revolutionary machine has completely transformed the production of 3 ply laminates.

Running at a speed of 325+ mpm, these machines produce 3 ply laminates in a single run, saving inventory, wastage, labor, and therefore boosting plant productivity.

Learn more about Gravo2in1 - The most loved combi machine manufactured by Narendra Gravure Pvt. Ltd.

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SPEED 3500

Slitting MachinesGravoSlit

Narendra Gravure features a variety of slitting machines suitable for diverse jobs. Our slitters are based on both center winding and surface winding technologies, therefore converters can choose the right machine for their application.

Converters can choose among Drum Slitter, High-Speed Slitter, and Primary Slitter. Ergonomic mechanical design with advanced electronic systems makes these machines suitable for all converting needs.

Learn more about GravoSlit - Slitting machine manufactured by Narendra Gravure Pvt. Ltd.

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Coating MachinesGravoCoat

Narendra Gravure specializes in producing coating lines for unconventional applications. From flexo based UV coating to gravure based multi-head coating lines, we cater all your coating needs. Featuring advanced SIEMENS electronic systems and robust mechanical design, these machines are ready to take up the most challenging coating applications.

UV coating, DG coating and 2 Head coating for Hot Stamping Foil are among the best received products produced by Narendra Gravure.

Learn More about GravoCoat - specialized coating machines produced by Narendra Gravure Pvt. Ltd.

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Secondary Machines

At Narendra Gravure we strive to provide end to end solutions with the best quality products to our customers, therefore we have developed a range of secondary solutions that are instrumental in increasing plant efficiency.

Inspection Machine, Separating machine, Doctoring Machine are some of the machines that customers can get from Narendra Gravure, built with the same precision and quality. Narendra Gravure is a one stop solution for all your converting needs.

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