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Doctoring Machine

A compact machine that is used to remove defects from the final products obtained after slitting operation.

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Doctoring machines or salvage winding machines are used for rewinding the finished products that might have encountered defects like slipping during final winding. This machine can also be used for ink-jet coding of serial numbers / batch numbers on finished reels of laminates. This super compact machine is designed to minimise any production wastage and therefore increase plant productivity. The doctoring machine is very easy to operate and has an ergonomic design, it features a floating type unwinder and rewinder with a cantilever design which makes loading and unloading of reels a very easy task. The auto tension control and web guiding system eliminates all the defects and converts the reel into a finished product.

Technical Specifications

Working Width


Unwind reel dia

400 mm

Rewind reel dia

400 mm


76 mm (3 inch)


350 m/min

Machine Layout

Salient Features

Compact machine

Doctoring machine is a compact machine is is very easy to install anywhere.

Plug and Play

No extra efforts are required to install a doctoring machine

Ergonomic Design

This machine has an ergonomic design and is very easy to use

Floating type unwinder and rewinder

Floating type unwinder and rewinder makes it easy to switch between jobs

Easily customisable according to job requirements

Customizations such as having an inkjet printer for batch printing is easy to make

High speed operation

Increases plant productivity

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