UV Coating Machine

GravoCoat UV

Compact machine widely used in U.V. coating application giving glossy finish and enhancing barrier properties of multi layer laminates

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GravoCoat UV

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Narendra Gravure developed the UV coating machine to meet the requirement of the converting industry of having a glossy finish on multi layer laminates used in the food packaging industry. This machine is one of the best sellers and has delivered proven results consistently.

Other than providing a glossy finish, the U.V. varnish also improves the barrier properties of the paper and provides a better shelf life. UV coating machine developed by narendra is a compact machine and widely used in the converting industry. Low noise operation and ergonomic design makes the machine operator friendly and boosts production. Operators can now have a precise control over the UV varnish.

Technical Specifications

Web Width

1000-1300 mm

Line Speed

150 m/min

Unwind Reel Dia

1000 mm

Rewind Reel Dia

1000 mm

Area Required

5000 X 5000 X 3000

Machine Layout

Salient Features

Flexo Coating Application

Ceramic anilox roller for transferring coating to substrate

Thyristor Controller UV Lamps

Thyristor controlled UV lamps enable a precise control over variable intensity of UV lamps

Operator Friendly

Ergonomic Mechanical design, with control buttons placed at point of application
Standard features like length counter, dia sensor and job memory functions


Advanced electronics control with SIEMENS drive, HMI, servo motors and PLCs for precise control


Dedicated infeed and outfeed for maintaining optimum tension profile
Timing Belt and pulleys ensure noise free and precise operation

Built Quality

All components are made using automated CNC and VMC machines
Main frames made from solid 45mm thick plates

Optional Features

Auto reel changing turret for unwind and rewind

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