Reversible Inspection Rewinding Machine


Inspection Rewinding machine to screen out the defects before taking material for downstream processes

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Reversible Inspection rewinder is a semi-automatic inspection machine which serves as a filter between Printing Machine and all other downstream processes. The output of the printing machine is screened for defects like mis-register, blade lines, shade variations, etc. with a means of a full width stroboscope.

When an operator identifies defective material, a button is pressed, the machine subsequently slows down, reverses and stops at the point where defect was identified. The defective material is then wound on a waste winder after cut and paste operations. Once defected material is removed, the web is again cut and pasted to the main rewinder.

The inspection machine helps in eliminating defective material and ensures that there is no further value addition to the defective material and increases the plant productivity by making material ready for lamination and slitting operations by removing other defects like telescoping and ovality.

Technical Specifications

Line Speed

350 mpm

Unwind Reel Dia

1000 mm

Rewind Reel Dia

1000 mm

Waste Winder Dia

400 mm


Polyester, Poly, BOPP, Paper

Area Required


Machine Layout

Salient Features

Ergonomic Mechanical design, with control buttons placed at point of application

Advanced electronics control with SIEMENS drive, HMI, servo motors and PLCs for precise control

Pneumatic Lay-on roller at rewind for proper density of rewind reel
Auto tension control at unwind
Auto Web guide at Unwind

Dedicated nip drive for maintaining optimum tension profile at rewind
Timing Belt and pulleys ensure noise free and precise operation

All components are made using automated CNC and VMC machines
Main frames made from solid 45mm thick plates

Optional Features

Pneumatic expandable shaft

AC vector motor at unwind

Web Video

Shaftless Unwind and Rewind

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