Drum Slitter

GravoSlit Drum

Drum Slitting machine to make ready-to-dispatch reels

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GravoSlit Drum

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GravoSlit Drum is especially designed for handling all types of multilayer laminates used in flexible packaging like aluminum foils, polyester films, paper based laminates. These machines work on surface and center winding principle, therefore both rewind shafts are driven by dedicated AC motors and dedicated AC frequency drives. As the rewind reel is wound on center drum, soft and delicate materials can be handled carefully.

Unwinder and Rewinders are isolated by a nip with a dedicated drive through an AC frequency drive. All these drives are controlled in a closed loop by SIEMENS PLC. Touch screen panel is provided to set job parameters.

Technical Specifications

Web Width

800mm to 1800mm


300 m/min

Unwind Reel Dia

800 mm

Unwind Core Dia

76 mm / 152 mm

Rewind Reel Dia

500 mm

Rewind Core Dia

76 mm


Polyester, Poly, BOPP, Paper

Slit width

100 mm to 600 mm

Area Required

2200 x 2000 x 1300

Machine Layout

Salient Features

Floating type unwind station

Pneumatic Side thrust for rewind tension control

Quick change chucks at rewind for fast changeover

High pressure suction blower for trim removal

Razor in groove type slitting

Pneumatically control lay on rolls

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