Hot Melt Lamination Machine used for Wax Lamination

GravoLam Wax

Machine for Hot Melt Lamination jobs such as manufacturing of induction wads used in packaging for food and pharmaceutical industries.

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GravoLam Wax

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Narendra Gravure developed the Hot melt lamination machine for the application of wax lamination used in manufacturing of induction wads. This machine employs a gravure based transfer technology for transferring of the hot melt on the substrate. The machine comes with a precise temperature controlled premeltor kitchen module - which is very instrumental to maintain a reservoir of a pre-mixed homogenous recipe to have repeatability and reducing job set-up time

The heated tray features 12 heating zones controlled by high density ceramic heaters to ensure a precise and homogeneous temperature control of the tray which eliminates any possibility of burning wax and/or frozen chunks of wax which results in high accuracy and unparalleled quality. Furthermore, the machine features IR heaters, temperature controlled laminating nip and a chilling roller which allows the operator to have 4 distinct and precisely controllable temperature zones enabling a diversity of wax lamination jobs with very high degree of precision and repeatability.

Technical Specifications

Web Width

Up to 1000 mm


70 m/min

Unwind roll dia

Up to 1000mm

Rewind Roll Dia

Up to 1000mm


Paper board and Foil

Premelor Capacity

200 L


14000 x 3600 x 3600

Machine Layout

Salient Features

Shaftless Groundlifting Unwind and Rewind

Shaftless groundlifting unwind and rewind for fast job changeovers
Hydraulically operated lifting and clamping operations

Pre-mixture Pump and Tank

Pre mixture tank and pump are included in the standard scope of supply.
PLC control results in precise operation
Jacketed premeltor tank with agitator maintains uniformity and results in a homogeneous mixture of raw materials

4 Temperature zones:

The machine has 4 distinct temperature controlled zones, with precise control setting

Operator Friendly

Ergonomic mechanical design makes the machine operator friendly and easy to use


Advanced electronics control with SIEMENS drive, HMI, servo motors and PLCs for precise control


Dedicated infeed and outfeed for maintaining optimum tension profile
Timing Belt and pulleys ensure noise free and precise operation

Built Quality

All components are made using automated CNC and VMC machines
Main frames made from solid 45mm thick plates

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