2 in 1 wet lamination and coating machine for making 3-ply laminates in one go

Gravo2in1 325

A specialized machine for making a 3-ply Paper Foil HSL laminate for food packaging

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Gravo2in1 325

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Two in One Coating machine is a revolutionary machine developed by Narendra Gravure. This machine has changed the definition of how 3-ply laminates like: Paper, Foil, HSL are made. Now, 3-ply laminates can be made in a single go, instead of using 2 machines to complete the job. This makes the process highly efficient, saving production time and energy, therefore bringing the variable cost of production drastically down.

On this machine, first the foil and paper are laminated using a wet lamination process followed by a second registered coating (HSL/Adhesive) on the substrate before it enters the drying tunnel where the laminate is cured. On exiting the drying tunnel, the material can be dry laminated or directly cooled on twin chilling rollers before it is rewound.

This combi machine can also be used for standard dry lamination jobs.

Technical Specifications

Web Width

Up to 1300mm

Cylinder circum

520 mm

Line Speed

325 m/min

Unwind Reel Dia


Rewind Reel Dia



Polyester, Poly, BOPP, Foil, Paper

Drying Source

Thermic Fluid, Hot Air Generator, Electric Heaters

Area Required

15000 X 5000 X 3000

Machine Layout

Salient Features

Registered Coating Application

Registered HSL coating application with reference to printing

Twin Chilling Rollers

Twin chilling rollers with an ā€œSā€ wrap maximizes contact area and results in most efficient web conditioning.

Operator Friendly

Ergonomic Mechanical design, with control buttons placed at point of application
Standard features like length counter, dia sensor and job memory functions


Advanced electronics control with SIEMENS drive, HMI, servo motors and PLCs for precise control

Doctor Blade

Changing doctor blade is a tool less operation
5 axis motion for precise application
Pneumatically operated doctor blade for job consistency


Long and efficient drying chamber with recirculation, saving upto 50% energy
Optimized design to provide high nozzle velocity and CFM
Pneumatically operated chamber eases web threading and cleaning operation


Dedicated infeed and outfeed for maintaining optimum tension profile
Timing Belt and pulleys ensure noise free and precise operation

Built Quality

All components are made using automated CNC and VMC machines
Main frames made from solid 45mm thick plates

Optional Features

Adhesive circulation pump

Viscosity controller

Auto Reel changing turret

Shaftless assembly for unwind/rewind

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