Jumbo Slitting Machine (Gravo Slit 400)

This series of slitter rewinder is specially designed for slitting & Rewinding of Fragile material used in flexible packaging . These machines has been designed on pure centre rewinding principle and hence both the individual rewind shafts are powered through separate A.C motors driven through A.C Frequency Drives. To isolate rewind from unwind one no. of Nip Roller is provided in between which is furthure driven through seprate A.C Frequency Drive . All the drives are synchronized and the machine is with P.L.C. control. All the required data as per the subtrate to be slitted will be entered with M.M.I. Venture type suction blower isalso provided for trim removal

Maximum Unwind Reel Dia :800 mm
Web Width:800 mm to 1200 mm
Unwind Reel Core Dia :76 / 152 mm
Rewind Reel Core Dia :76 mm Max.
Rewind Reel Dia :450 mm Max.
Design Speed :400 mtr./min.
Min. Slit Width :100 mm
Max. Slit Width :600 mm