Gravo Check 1000

This inspection machine serves as a filter between the Printing & Lamination Process. The output of the printing machine is screened for printing defects such as mis – register, blade lines, shade variation etc. by means of a full width stroboscope provided as standard equipment.

The defective thus identified is removed by cut & paste operations & only good copy is rewound to provide a 100% defect free input for down stream process usually starting with lamination.

The process of inspection not only ensured that there is no value addition on bad copy but also increases the plant productivity by making it possible to use Lamination & slitting facilities to their full potential without interruption.

Web Width: 800 mm to 1200 mm
Machine Speed : Up to 250 mtr./min.
Core Dia :76 mm / 152 mm Max.
Unwind Dia :1000 mm Max. Rewind Dia :1000 mm