Gravotechnica 175 | Wet & Dry Lamination

These Multi station Roto Gravure Printing machines are normally used for printing on flexible films like Polyester, B.O.P.P., Polythene, Aluminium Foil, paper etc. These machines are capable of printing reel to reel. Specification: Web Width : 1000mm to 1300mm Cylinder Repeat : 520mm Line Speed : Up to 250 mar./min. Unwind Reel Dia : 1000mm
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Gravotechnica 2000 | Solventless Laminator

These Solventless lamination machines are used for laminating two substrates by applying adhesive on one substrate and nipping it with other substrate. As no solvents are used so we get odour free laminate for packing food items. Specification: Web Width : 1000mm to 1300mm Speed : up to 350 mtr./min. Material : Polyester, B.O.P.P., LDPE, […]